Fondo Defensores is a non-profit, secular, non-partisan but spiritual civil association with a cause. Our work is oriented to consolidate ourselves as the first fund focused on the promotion and defense of indigenous rights in Latin America and to provide secure and timely access to strategic and flexible resources that contribute to strengthen the advocacy and collective power of indigenous peoples.

We advocate for the vital role of indigenous peoples as writers, protectors and defenders of the future.

Our struggle is for life.


We are a multi-donor crowdfunding initiative. Founded in 2020, it aims to consolidate the first space in Latin America whose purpose is to support the struggle for the implementation and full exercise of the collective rights of indigenous peoples in the multiple and diverse territories of this geography.

The Fund arises in a context of climate emergency and increasing and diversified violence against those who defend life, indigenous territories and the commons. Our response is to organize ourselves, to re-net-work ourselves and fight to sow hope and accompaniment to the struggles for life.



To be a fund for the rights of indigenous peoples that supports and strengthens processes of defense of their territories, from a holistic approach in Latin America, promoting the access of defenders to strategic resources to increase and amplify the collective power of the peoples. Always moving towards the full exercise of self-determination. 


We want a Latin America where indigenous peoples enjoy their rights, live in safe and abundant territories, and can freely decide about their lives and futures. We support the work of indigenous peoples as defenders: their resistance and struggles, always oriented towards the construction of other possible worlds, where justice, dignity and good living are realities for all.



This is the mother right and our political horizon: we recognize in the self-determination of peoples, the crystallization of all collective rights. Our path and work is oriented towards strengthening, supporting and accompanying the processes that build, day by day, the exercise of self-determination of indigenous peoples.  


We recognize the historical disadvantages experienced by women and we establish this political consideration to build and always contribute to reduce the gap in the exercise of rights between men and women in opposition to patriarchal oppression.

Care at the center

We recognize the multiple vulnerabilities that inequality produces in people and the natural environment. Therefore, we place collective and individual care actions as a fundamental axis for the development of our work.

Nothing about us, without us

We know that if we are not at the decision-making table, we are on the menu of those who sit at it. This Fund will have an advisory board led by indigenous advisors, its operation will be carried out through indigenous directorates, and the eligibility processes will be under the leadership of experienced indigenous and environmental rights people and advocates.

Courage and Strength

We will actively contribute to the construction of other worlds, in the face of a system that perpetuates injustice and inequity. Always placing the defense of life at the center of our daily work.


Accountability is a fundamental pillar of our operation. Our actions maintain the highest standards of excellence and reliability in all our actions.

Solidarity: as a political act

We practice solidarity with indigenous people and peoples committed as equals, promoting and supporting their needs, priorities and visions for the future in their self-determination.


We are part of a magnificent whole, we are one among many collectivities in the now. We recognize our place among the many forces of good and change that exist in the world.


Our board is charged with supporting, strengthening and providing expert guidance and advice to the entire operation of the Defensores Fund to successfully fulfill its mission. In turn, the Defensores Fund relies on and relies on the experience and wisdom of indigenous experts, their knowledge, experience and vision to strengthen indigenous communities.

The Council takes a strategy from grassroots decision making, and from their expertise for social change, with a strict policy to avoid conflict of interest, they work in collaboration with Fondo Defensores, overseeing the strategic direction, actions and growth.